New Vertical Digital Air Photos

Knowing “what, where, and when” you wish to have us capture photos is important, as we tailor our process to each project. Utilizing remote sensing skills (theoretical and practical) we try to deliver the best product for your mapping project. We study project successes and failures, and we methodically iterate our tools, techniques, methodology and framework. Success with your aerial photo project, depends on scientific method, not just the successful adaption of technology. 

If you are interested in ordering new air photos or orthophoto mosaics, there are a number of important criteria to consider:

  1. Size of the area (hectares or km2). If the area of interest is a linear feature (like a coastline)then please indicate the length of the feature.
  2. Where is the area located?
  3. What is the scale of imagery that you require? 5cm pixel size imagery is very high resolution, 10cm or 15cm is most common for intensive forestry management.
  4. When do you want the imagery to be delivered?
  5. Do you require georeferenced photos only, or do you require the photos to be orthorectified into seamless mosaics?
10cm Whistler

There are two ways to show us your area of interest:

  1. Use our new online quoting system for determining your area of interest and size of the area; or
  2. Send us a shapefile or pdf map showing the boundaries of the project area.

Survey Plane Hire

Cessna 206 turbo survey plane.

Outfitted for aerial photo or lidar acquisition with 20″ camera hole.

Available for hire (operated under Skylines commercial operating certificate).  Please inquire.

Oblique Air Photos

Oblique aerial photography offers a unique perspective compared to traditional vertical air photos.  Above ground features are more pronounced and many people find that objects are easier to distinguish on oblique air photos.

St Pauls Hospital, Downtown Vancouver. High, bright overcast.

We integrate our oblique air photos into Flyeye viewing software ( Flyeye is available as an ArcMAP plugin that accurately displays of georeferenced air photo imagery. Some key features of our oblique imagery are:

  1. Oblique photos can be viewed as georeferenced imagery in conjunction with orthophotos and shapefiles.
  2. Integrated into Flyeye so that when you zoom into a location on a photo and the other photos will simultaneously orient to the same location.
  3. The shape of above ground features can be viewed (example: tree species easier to distinguish from oblique photo because you can see the crown shape).
  4. Excellent choice for coastline surveys & transmission line surveys.
Works well for hydroline surveys.

Historical Photo Mosaicking

Photogrammetric aerial cameras have been around since the 1930’s and aerial surveys were common after WWII.  These historical air photos can be scanned, orthorectified, and mosaicked into an orthophoto.

Terrasaurus has been working closely with the University of British Columbia and mapping consultants, to processes historical air photos into quality orthophotos. We have developed certain techniques:

  • Scanning guidelines
  • Ground control point selection
  • Photo clipping / removal of trouble sections
  • Tonal balancing / removal of vignetting
Over 2,000 historical photos rectified and tonal balanced. Please refer to colour balancing page for another historical photo example.

UAV for Small Projects

If your site is small in size (less than 250Ha) and accessible by a vehicle, then it can be flown by our UAV. Our fixed-wing UAV delivers great imagery and is a cost-effective alternative for small sites. If you require a larger area, our aerial camera in the manned aircraft becomes more efficient (and safer).

UAV photos made into a mosaic

UAVs are lightweight, thus only able to carry a small digital camera. Most UAVs carry an APS-C sized digital camera. The coverage is much smaller than our professional aerial camera. Therefore more photos are required per equal area, thus the UAV is only efficient for smaller-sized projects.

Sensor size comparison (UAV vs professional aerial camera)