We excel at forestry-specific aerial photography projects. Jamie (company president) has a degree in forestry and years of experience working in BC forests. Our high resolution orthophotos are an invaluable tool for Forestry management. Utilizing remote sensing skills (theoretical and practical) we try to deliver the best product for your mapping project.

15cm orthophoto of a cutblock. Tree damage is easily visible using high resolution orthophotos.

Individual digital air photos are systematically captured along flightlines for the area of interest, then each photo is orthorectified (to remove distortions) and mosaicked together.  The resulting orthophoto is a seamless georeferenced image, that can be used in a GIS.

Three high resolution photos mosaicked into a single seamless mosaic of a high-elevation cutblock.


UNBC Campus (single photo)

Most urban projects require 10cm pixel size.

Wasa Lake DSM

A DEM or “lidar-like” digital surface model (DSM) can be generated from overlapping photos. This sample derived from 10cm air photos, resulting in all above ground features accurately mapped.


Spawning salmon ~ Horsefly River, photo taken Sept 2001
Post hurricane damage assessment: Turneffe Atoll, Belize (2007)
Lateral morraine, flowing into meltwater lake.


5cm pixel size. Mixed species, deciduous is cover is absent.
9cm pixel size. Mixed tree heights, sub-dominant trees are visible.
16cm pixel size. Mixed species, lots of dead Pine.
Overcast imagery appears flat (due to the lack of shadows), but it shows a great deal of ground detail below the tall trees.
Tree species recognition is much better with overcast/snow cover. Pine and Spruce are more easily discernible.

Night Photos

BC Place stadium at night, Vancouver, BC.
Night lighting overlaid over day-time orthophoto, Langley, BC.
Night lighting overlaid over day-time orthophoto, Burnaby, BC.
Downtown Vancouver, many light sources.
A variety of urban lighting.
Example of bright outdoor lighting, sports field Pitt Meadows, BC.

Shoreline with Flyeye

The Terrasaurus aerial camera and the Flyeye “coastal viewer” software is the perfect solution for coastline surveys.

  1. Captures high resolution aerial photos.
  2. The photos are integrated into Flyeye ArcGIS plugin (
  3. Measure any feature!  Please check out the following video:
The user can measure height, distance, and area using Flyeye.

The following sequence of photos shows the resolution of a single photo:

A single photo from our 80megapixel aerial camera.
A partial zoom-in into the large aerial photo.
A 50% enlargement...
A 100% enlargement. Each photo offers tremendous detail.
A 100% enlargement. Each photo offers tremendous detail.

Typically, we photograph shorelines with 80% photo overlap, ensuring every inch of the shoreline is captured on at least 4 photos.